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About Anne Meyers


I obtained my Master's degree in Counseling with a focus in Couple and Family Therapy from the University of Colorado-Denver. I am a registered psychotherapist in the state of Colorado. I have worked with a variety of clients in the community agency setting, including children, adolescents, individual adults, couples and families. 

Prior to obtaining my Master's degree, I worked at a human services agency where I provided administrative support to our therapeutic team and outreach to potential clients. I also have volunteered and worked in non-profit environments providing animal care. Prior to pursuing my interest in counseling and non-profit work, I was employed for ten years at a software company.


I have a special interest in working with adult survivors of abuse, parents who are survivors of abuse, family of origin issues, and trauma. I also have experience working with a variety of issues, including PTSD, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, parenting, women's issues, relationship issues, self esteem, and counseling teens and children who have experienced bullying. 

My mission is to assist families with conflict and communication issues and to support the healing process of adult survivors of abuse and trauma.

A Word about Parent Survivors of Abuse

Why specialize in parent survivors of abuse? Parenting a child can be particularly challenging when one’s role models as a child were abusive or neglectful. This can contribute to conflict between parents, confusion and uncertainty regarding one's approach to discipline, and lack of confidence as a parent. I work with parents on developing parenting techniques that nurture, guide and assist their children in growing up to be emotionally healthy. I also provide support to parents coping with painful past memories that are triggered by raising their children.

Therapeutic Approach

I obtained training in numerous therapeutic approaches, with a focus in Couple and Family therapy, over the course of my education and experience working with clients. My approach to therapy is integrative and incorporates Attachment-Focused Family Therapy, Person Centered Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy techniques.

In order to be comfortable with your therapist, I believe that you need to feel fully empathized with and accepted for who you are. Person Centered Therapy holds as its central tenet that in order to be successful in therapy, a client must feel fully accepted, empathized with and that his or her therapist is genuine in his or her approach. 

Attachment-Focused Family Therapy incorporates the concept of PACE into its application, which stands for Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy. I believe that your experience should be fully validated and taken seriously, and also believe that when appropriate, a sense of humor and light-heartedness in your therapist can be helpful in making you feel comfortable. I also believe that you are the authority on your life and what you need; therefore, I strive to be curious when exploring your experiences, rather than making assumptions about you and your life.  

Many clients are also looking for tools to manage their symptoms of anger, anxiety and trauma. I have been trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy which research has shown to be effective in assisting clients manage the symptoms that can negatively impact their day to day living.